Towel Care Guide

It’s a tough life being a towel. All that hard water and friction can really wear a fabric down.  Give your towel some TLC with these top tips to keep them feeling at their best..

  • Always wash your towel before use – ideally at 30 degrees.
  • Avoid fabric softeners. They contain silicone which make towels less absorbent.
  • Go easy on the tumble drying. Yes, it can make the towel soft and fluffy but excessive heat can damage the fibers and the motifs.  A partial line dry then a quick blast in the dryer on a low heat will have the same effect.
  • If your towels become stiff it’s probably due to a build-up of detergent – consider using half the amount (much better for the planet too!
  • Last but not least remember Jolly Fine towels like to have fun. Dance around the bathroom with them, run along the beach waving your towel above your head or take it on an adventure to your favourite wild swimming spot.